Canon SL1 Bundle

Canon SL1 Bundle –  Smallest And Lightest DSLR

The Canon SL1 is the smallest and lightest DSLR on the market, delivering DSLR performance and image quality in a body that’s almost as small as today’s mirrorless camera models. Its features and image quality rival those of its bigger siblings, the Canon Rebel T4i and T5i.  With this camera, Canon has attempted to offer the best of both worlds: a compact camera that’s small and light enough to take with you anywhere, combined with the performance and high image quality of a DSLR.

The Canon SL1 is aimed at novice and beginning photographers, so it comes loaded with plenty of pre-set creative functions. In particular, the camera boasts a Scene Intelligent Auto Mode, which detects faces, colours, brightness, movement and a whole bunch of other factors, and automatically picks an appropriate exposure mode.

The Canon SL1 uses an EF-mount that, like other Canon APS-C DSLRs, is also compatible with EF-S lenses.

When buying a bundle you need to remember the following:

Do you need everything now?

Camera bundles will only be a good deal if you need everything you are buying. So if you have no need for a tripod, for example, then there is little point choosing a bundle with a tripod! However if you want a one-stop-shop and start taking photographs straight away then a bundle might be the right way to go for you.

Do you need everything now?

If you don’t need everything straight away then you might consider buying it at a later date. The more time you spend with the Canon SL1 will give you more time to decide which lenses would be the best for your photography style and the subject matter you like to take pictures of. Remember though that you do need a lens of some description if you are purchasing the body only!

Are they genuine accessories?

Most people assume that if it is within a bundle then they are buying genuine accessories for their camera. While some may be put together by Canon, the majority tend to be put together by stores themselves. In addition some stores may use older or out of date stock to price together as a bundle, so make sure you look at what elements the bundle is offering before you hit that buy button. Although there may be nothing wrong with unbranded accessories, they may void Canon’s guarantee.

Is it a good deal?

Make sure you compare prices against buying the accessories separately and that the Canon bundle is really a good deal. (And if you are not going to use everything it’s not a good deal!) In addition with some suppliers you can gain discounts by buying the body, deciding what lenses you want to purchase and negotiating a total price. This is possible if you are buying online or if you go in person to a store – you can still pick up the telephone to negotiate a deal to an online supplier. It is also worthwhile looking a shopping comparison websites to locate the best and most cost effective deal for you. If you are still unsure what you can do is copy the Canon bundle components, price and go onto a photography forum and ask for advice from the other forum users.

So still want to buy a bundle?

Ask yourself, am I a new photographer or a photographer with existing equipment? Will any of my existing equipment fir the body of the Canon SL1 or will I need to purchase new lenses that fit?

One of the best reviews for a bundle is: Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Digital SLR with 18-55mm IS STM Lens + 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 EF III Lens + 2.2x Pro Telephoto Lens + 0.43x Wide Angle Lens + Slave Flash + 32GB SDHC Deluxe Accessory Bundle

This bundle contains everything that a starter photographer needs to literally unpack and start taking photographs and contains:

The Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Kit

Canon 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 EF III Zoom Lens

Bower Compact Lightweight Digital Slave Flash with Bracket

58mm 2.2x Professional Telephoto Lens and 0.43x Wide Angle Lens

32GB SD Card & USB 2.0 Card Reader

6’s Mini HDMI Cable’s

LP-E12 Li-Ion Battery Pack

Focus Deluxe SLR Soft Shell Camera Gadget Bag

Wrist Grip Strap for Digital & Film SLR Cameras

2 Focus Silicone Band

Lens Pen

58mm Hard Lens Hood

10″ Spider Tripod

Focus 5 Piece Digital Camera Accessory Kit


The reviews indicate that this is an excellent bundle and as one reviewer states “This bundle was the best package deal that I found!” Another reviewer states, “A great bundle with everything you need to start taking photographs”

One reviewer states, “The bundle is excellent for those who want to travel light and still take nice pictures. The camera is easy to use (no need to be a pro) and it is the lightest DSLR in the market.

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So now you have chosen the body that you want – the Canon SL1 – start thinking about what you need to enhance your photographic experience, research what you need that will fit with this camera body, remembering of course to shop well and smartly to get the best possible deal for you and your pocket!