Sony Camera Bundles – All About Sony Camera Bundles

Sony cameras have always stood out as being the choice of amateur and professional photographers alike, for great performance with excellent image quality.

Being able to purchase Sony cameras as a bundle gives you the opportunity to personalise your photography experience by being able to purchase a great Sony body, various lens’s, memory cards and flashes. Being able to personalise means that whatever you wish to concentrate on, be it with a great wide angle lens or gaining great still shots, a Sony Camera bundle can fit your needs. In addition it is a great way of saving money!

Example of a Bundle

An example is with the Mirrorless System Camera the Sony NEX -5N. The cost of the body averages $370, but by purchasing it within a bundle which includes a F3 5-5.6 lens, an F2.8 lens, a Sony flash, rechargeable battery, charger and CD-ROM – a complete kit – the price averages $559. If purchased separately the cost would be over $700. And the great thing about purchasing a kit or bundle means that all the products are suitable to be used with the body, no more guess work! Again, this was just an example of a Sony camera bundle – not the actual price.

DSLR’s are expensive to buy and you do need additional “kits” in order to use the camera to its full potential. So buying a bundle offers great value for money and give you everything you need to get started.

Content of Sony Camera Bundles Vary

Sony Alpha a58 DSLR Camera Bundle

Although it’s not essential to buy a DSLR bundle and for the beginner, the camera itself may be enough to start taking great photographs, those more experienced photographers or those looking for additional equipment will find that getting a bundle will be cost effective. The content of the bundles do vary from business to business so it is important to check what is being included. Value for money is fine, but if you are including a piece of kit that you don’t want or need, then that could be a waste of money, money that could be used purchasing something that will be needed and used.

The following is usually included within bundles:

  • Lenses that can be used when taking photographs of different subjects at different distances.
  • Batteries – Most include rechargeable batteries and chargers.
  • Memory Cards – In order to save photographs and transfer images to a PC or Desktop the bigger the better is needed
  • Software – While some software can be downloaded from Sony’s website, a CD-ROM should be within the bundle to ensure that you can upload images from the camera and to manage the images.
  • Additional Equipment – This can include bags, camera straps and even tripods.

So when purchasing a Sony camera bundle, it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

Do you need everything?

These bundles will only be a good value, as mentioned before, if you actually use everything you purchase. If you don’t need a tripod then don’t purchase the bundle. If it includes a memory card, make sure it’s big enough for what you need. By checking everything in the bundle you can work out if the deal is really a good deal for you.

Do you need everything now?

It is tempting to want to buy everything you think you need immediately however it may be an idea to buy only the basics and as you develop with the camera to purchase other bits of kit later. It could be that you take more still shots, or scenic shots and then purchasing the lenses you need rather than think you will need at a later date will be the best purchase for you.

Ask around, ask other photographers and ask for recommendations, after all if you wish to keep the lenses and use them for a long time, then make sure you choose what you want, not what the bundle wishes you to have!

Is the deal really a good deal?

It is worth checking on different store websites, shopping comparison sites and looking at the individual prices for each separate bit of kit within the bundle. Just because it’s classed as a bundle does not necessarily mean it is less expensive than buying the separate parts from the same store or different stores. Some stores may bundle up older or out of date stock within a bundle so it appears to be good value for money, so check every bit of kit within the bundle.

Remember too that Sony can sometimes have offers that when you purchase a body that you can obtain lenses for a discounted price – so watch out for those offers!

Also you can also ask for discounts on buying separate items rather than buying a bundle, you are more likely to be able to barter for separate items rather than ask for a discount on a pre-arranged bundle.

Does the bundle contain genuine accessories?

The bundle may not contain actual Sony lenses for your Sony camera body and may be put together by the stores themselves. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, and they should still obviously fit the body they may invalidate the Sony warranty. However some may add much cheaper quality lenses, while giving the impression that it is a “Sony Bundle” that may be of a very poor quality.

Some of the items may not be Sony for example a camera cleaning kit or tripod – remember that these can be purchased separately, it may be cheaper and you may be able to purchase a better quality for a lower price than offered within the bundle.

So in order to ensure you buy the best Sony Camera Bundle for your needs the first priority is to research what you need, what accessories you need and what your budget is. After that research prices either online or by visiting different specialised stores (remembering that visiting in person will gain you the best discounts!) and go in with a list of what you need, not what the salesman wants to sell you. In the end, perhaps the biggest piece of advice is not to buy the first thing you see!