DSLR Camera Bundles  – What You Need To Know

If you are serious about photography and want the quality images then a camera with interchangeable lenses is the way to go. While some compact cameras are catching up, keener photographers still choose a DSLR – Digital Single lens Reflex Camera.

So how do they work? The DSLR is designed with an internal mirror that reflects the scene up into an optical viewfinder and the moment you click and press the shutter release the mirror flips up and the shutter exposes the sensor at the back of the camera. These photons of light are converted to digital signals which are processed and stored.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i Digital SLR Bundle

But as you will know DSLR cameras are useless without their lenses so you need to make sure your budget allows you to buy the body and at least one lens.

There are several things to consider when buying your DSLR and these include:

  • The higher the MP’s the higher quality to gain in your photographic images. You need to consider this if you are taking photographs to sell as most media organisations need this as they may need to print large pictures and don’t want pixelated photographs
  • Size of the sensor. Very important! Larger the better within your budget
  • The ability to take photographs in low light conditions
  • Availability of lenses and other accessories (Although some brands may be interchangeable and can be used with an adapter) Remember that lenses don’t go out of date.
  • Find out what format the camera uses and if you need to shoot in RAW. RAW captures large files that can be non-destructively graded and manipulated in the post stage without quality loss. (Most cameras have an option to shoot in RAW and it can dramatically improve the quality of your final image.

And just so we don’t leave them out – Mirrorless cameras! They have been around for about 10 years but it is only recently that they have become more popular. Some serious photographers have traded their DSLR’s for a smaller, lighter one that mirrorless cameras provide. What differentiates mirrorless cameras from compact cameras is that they have interchangeable lenses alike DSLR’s.

Nikon D3200 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm and 55-200mm VR DX Zoom Lenses Bundle

So you have researched your DSLR and have decided which brand and model you wish to purchase. Now is the time to consider DSLR bundles.Looking through reviews on whether to buy a bundle or purchase the body then buy the range of accessories and lenses you will find arguments for and against!

What you need to ensure is that you are buying the correct bundle for you and before you spend your hard earned money make sure you research the different bundles available remembering the following:

What is Normally Included in the Bundle?

So what is included in a bundle?

The following is usually included within bundles:

  • Lenses The lens is arguably the most important part of your camera and control the image that is projected onto the imagining sensor. Ensure that they all fit the body of your chosen DSLR. They are generally classified by their focal range or if they are a specialised lens their specific function. You are generally looking at lenses that take: Ultra-wide, Wide angle, Standard or normal, Telephoto, Super zoom and Macro.
  • Batteries – Most include rechargeable batteries and chargers. Remember though that the batteries power the camera and the last thing you want is for you to set up the perfect picture and the batteries fail! Some DSLR bodies allow you to use standard batteries however the choice generally is: Lithium ION which are expensive but hold charge well when recharged, Nickel metal Hydride – the common replacement for the standard AA and they can be recharged as required and CR-V3 which are the equivalent of 2 AA’s and come in rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions.
  • Memory Cards – In order to save photographs and transfer images to a PC or Desktop memory cards are essential. In this case the bigger the better!
  • Software – While some software can be downloaded from your cameras branded website, a CD-ROM should be within the bundle to ensure that you can upload images from the camera and to manage your taken images.
  • Additional Equipment – This can include bags, camera straps and sometimes, even tripods.

Initially, you should research what camera body will be suitable and which lenses or lens you would be needing.

Do you need everything and do you need it today?

Sony Alpha A77 II Wi-Fi Digital SLR Camera Bundle

Yes, there are many DSLR camera bundles currently on the market, but do you need everything and do you need it today? If you’re just a beginner, you may want to purchase the simple package, but if you are really serious about becoming a photographer, the bundle may be the best bet. If you want everything today, definitely go for the bundle, because you can really save a lot of money by buying a good DSLR camera bundle.

Is this a good deal?

Of course, you need to figure out if you are getting a good deal. You should never step in and purchase the first bundle you come across simply because it appears to be good. Some stores really hype their bundles up, when in all actuality, they’re not giving their customers a good deal at all.

How do I find out if it’s a good deal?

Finding out if you are getting a good deal with one of the DSLR camera bundles is pretty easy. Follow these steps in order to determine if you are getting a good deal.

Step 1

Take a look at everything it comes with – take note of it.

Step 2

Now, go through and research each item and see what it is individually priced. Write the price next to each item.

Step 3

Once you are done, add the price together. Is the price higher than the bundle? If so, you may be getting a good deal. However, we’re not done yet.

Step 4

Check with other stores and see what they are selling the bundle for. Some stores, for example, may be selling a DSLR bundle for $799, while the other store may be selling the same bundle for $599.

Are the accessories good?

Some stores will put their own items in a bundle. Take a Nikon bundle as an example – some stores may put low quality items in a Nikon bundle in order to sell those items. Again, go through the steps and do your research. Look up the accessories you are getting in order to determine if they are any good.

In the end – there are many good DSLR camera bundles out there, you have Nikon camera bundles, Sony camera bundle and Canon camera bundles to name a few – the bundle you purchase is fully up to you.